here it is. i'm really pleased with the way it turned out. when ben saw it in place, he said, "it feels like we have a real room." true true.

okay, so after i wrapped and stapled the batting (thursday) all that was left to do was wrap the fabric. i tackled that on saturday, and believe me, it was the step i labored over the most. the pattern is such a large scale that i wanted to make sure that it was at least somewhat centered.

i ordered extra fabric so i'd have room to slide it to the side to find the best spot. once i did, i just cut it out with a few inches to spare and wrapped and stapled. by the end, i had a pretty nasty blister on my thumb from the staple gun, but what's a project without a few battle scars?

the corners right below the center curve were really difficult, but the rest was pretty simple. the pattern is so fun and cheerful. we're happy.

next up: night tables.