Introducing My New Guide: Your Decorating Toolbox

I love a good one-on-one conversation. I wish I could come over to each one of your homes to talk about decorating with you. We'd walk through your house and talk about your art, your furniture, the colors that make you super happy, and how you and your family use your home. You would tell me your home's story and all about your meaningful furnishings. Perhaps, we'd find ourselves talking about the tough spots in your home—maybe the room that is unfinished or the empty space on the wall that you'd like to fill. I'd want to hear all about it.

Perhaps we'd sit down with a cup of coffee and brainstorm. We'd talk through the problems and think through solutions. We'd look through what you already have and see if there is a way we can work with it.

Oh how I would love that! But alas—time, distance, etc. :) So I wrote something for you. And I'm super excited about it.

Your Decorating Toolbox: Five Things to Try When You Get Stuck Styling a Room

I wrote this guide to encourage you to keep working on making your home beautiful, even when you come to a tough spot and feel stuck. And you can get this guide right in your inbox when you sign up for my email list.

I hope this guide is a big help to you! And just in time for the weekend, too, so you can have a chance to put to practice some of these tips. :) And when you do, tag me on Instagram (@modernchemistryathome). I want to see your spaces!

I am so thankful that you would come hang out with me here at Modern Chemistry at Home. Have a fantastic weekend!