Put Your Personality On Display (Functional Art)

Decorating on a budget doesn't have to look cheap. One smart way to style your space inexpensively is to make the beautiful things you already own do double-duty as functional art.

Take a fresh look at the things around you. I bet you have lots of fantastically beautiful possessions. What are some of your favorite things—things you get really excited to pull out of the drawer and use? Instead of keeping them tucked away, put them on display. In doing so, you get to see the beautiful things you already have on a daily basis, and you can potentially save money by not having to buy something else for your walls or surfaces. Your favorite things can absolutely be incorporated into your spaces, regardless if they are actually decor items. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


I bet the colors in your jewelry collection are colors that make you happy, so put your jewelry pieces where you can see them! Try hanging your favorite necklaces and bracelets from hooks above your dresser or just set them out on a pretty tray. Two of my favorite Noonday Collection bracelets are red and aqua and I leave them out on my dresser right under the lamp. They are just too pretty to put away, but this also reminds me to wear them (because I tend to forget about things in drawers).

Using Jewelry and Books as Decor Items


Books are another great example. Colorful books make a statement, but the books themselves also say something about you and your interests. Our books are grouped by color and are a mixture of theology, classic literature, business, investing . . . and a big orange copy of The Chicago Manual of Style. Did you know that I work as a freelance writer, copy editor, and proofreader? :) (Now that you know, I am extra paranoid about my grammar and spelling on the blog! I'm sure there will be mistakes—I'm certainly not perfect!) Books tells us a lot about a person and they sure are beautiful.

Decorating with Books


Dishes are definitely functional art! Mount that gorgeous antique dish on a hook and hang it on the wall. My mom has a lovely collection of bowls and plates hanging in her kitchen. I need to hang up my grandma's antique citrus reamer. My sister-in-law also inherited one and it looks fantastic hanging in her kitchen—such a cool shape! Some other ideas include wooden cutting boards, woven baskets, or colanders. You could even frame a fun dish towel. So many ideas!


I have a favorite straw hat hanging on the wall next to my bed. It makes me happy (reminds me of summer)—and it fills a wall space that I would otherwise have to fill with a new purchase.

Straw Hat Hanging on the Wall

Kids rooms are another great place to do this. Kids outgrow their clothes so fast. Instead of packing away those awesome clothes, put them up in the child's room. They are beautiful and colorful and full of personality.

Decorating with Kids Clothes

I have sweet memories associated with certain outfits my daughters wore. For example, our older daughter was dedicated in the bird dress on the left. The polka-dot top was a gift from a friend. And the dress hanging on the closet door was one of the first things I bought when we found out we were having a girl. These items are beautiful and special and I am happy to see them every day.

Use Kids Clothes to Decorate a Room


Instruments are works of art. Putting up a guitar on the wall keeps it within easy reach for a jam session. And again, having your instruments on the wall says something about you. Could drums be put on the wall? I don't know, but man that would look cool!

Hang Instruments on the Wall

Putting your personality on display causes your home to uniquely reflect you and can help you save money in furnishing your home. I hope these ideas inspire you to decorate with what you already have. If these ideas are helpful to you, make sure to come back later this week. I've been working on something new for you all and I'm excited to finally share it with you!