Favorite Sources for Wall and Picture Frames

Happy November, everyone! Last week, a friend commented on my Inexpensive Art Ideas post and asked where to find cute frames at good prices. She mentioned that she prefers a mix of old/new/modern/traditional in the context of a gallery wall.

So I thought about her question and compiled this list of my favorite picture frame sources with a mixture of styles in mind!


A modern frame is rather unadorned, with straight, plain mouldings (the frame part around the edges). I'm naturally drawn to modern frames, and while these frame styles can be found all over the place, here are my three favorites from my own experience. These frames are all very similar, so where to buy modern frames might come down to size needed, color preferences, and price.


My favorite Target frames are from the Room Essentials line. They come in many sizes and colors—I have used the black and white ones in many spots in our home. The mat boards are crisp white. In the photo below, the white frame above the chair is a Target RE frame. These frames go on sale from time to time, or you might be able to find a deal on the Target Cartwheel app.



No surprise here, right? IKEA has lots of great frames, and the RIBBA seems to be a perennial favorite. I wrote more about the RIBBA as a good option for (Super Easy) Framed Fabric Art, but with so many colors and sizes these frames work well for framing photos or art prints, too. I have found that the mat boards are a touch on the yellow side. It does bug me a little, but the biggest size is such a fantastic price that I'm willing to live with it. In the photo above, the black frame with the map is an IKEA RIBBA.


West Elm's gallery frames are great. I have a few in white, and it looks like they have expanded their color offerings since I bought them years ago (beautiful weathered wood, gold leaf, and polished brass!). Very nice white mat boards, too. Watch for sales!

West Elm Frame, Colorful Mantle with Art and Mirror


Traditional frames might have more elaborate mouldings made of metal or wood. When I think rustic, I think distressed or chippy wood.


It seems like these craft stores are always putting their frames on sale. And if they aren't on sale, coupons can be easily found in flyers or online/mailing lists. There are so many styles at these stores and a great variety of colors and sizes from tabletop to poster!

One trick here is to look for table frames and then just pull off the little stand at the back so you can mount the frame flat on the wall. That is what I did with the three metallic frames from the nursery gallery wall (the frames with the ABC prints). I usually go for the more simple frame styles, but I remember thinking that the nursery needed a little shine so I went for something metallic and detailed.

Gallery Wall with Mixture of Frame Styles


In the photo above, the gold mirror on the right is from Goodwill. Again, I needed some shimmer in here. Now, it's not a picture frame, but those secondhand stores are full of old frames, if that's what you need to bring a good mixture to your walls. And as an added bonus, the frame might have good art already in it, like the picture on the left (middle) from an antique store.

And another idea for these picture frames is spray paint. Maybe the frames you find at these secondhand shops aren't in the best shape (dinged up) or they could even be a funky color. Spray paint to the rescue! Below, the frame on the left was an old Goodwill frame. It had a great shape but was a weird color, so I spray painted it. The details show through but the color is much more to my liking. White! :) And it provides an interesting contrast to the modern frames next to it.

Wall Frames, Easy Art

Finally, I think I would be remiss if I did not mention Hobby Lobby. I can't speak from as much experience about this store, because Hobby Lobby is relatively new to Minnesota and I have only shopped there a few times! But recently, the girls and I strolled the aisles and I was amazed by their selection of frames (and at the time, they were all 50% off). Huge wall frames for $30–40 are definitely worth checking out.

Hobby Lobby frames
Hobby Lobby Frames

And while the frames were amazing, I was even more impressed by their selection of ready-to-go-art. Lots of on-trend gold and hand lettering! I was tempted to buy a few things for myself, but instead I picked up a few to give as gifts. I still very much adore the artwork I bought from HL last fall.

Let Love Grow Art in Kitchen

There are my favorite sources for inexpensive frames in a variety of styles. I hope that helps you! And a big thank-you to Jill for asking the question to inspire this post. My heart is to help you readers, so if you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, post a comment here, or contact me via email. Use the icons below if you like. I'd love to hear from you.