Where Do You Put Your TV?

We are back in the living room today! There's a little spot I haven't shown you yet—a spot I haven't quite figured out. Here it is.

Living Room with TV and Computer

Yup. There are two big black boxes on this side of the room.

Up until a few weeks ago, there was an IKEA play tent here and our TV was down in our not-so-cozy basement. We never really used the TV, because we don't have cable and we often watch movies or shows on the computer or a laptop. BUT . . . football season! Ben likes to watch a live game on Sundays, so we brought up the TV and stand and gave the tent a little vacation.

This room's layout has changed quite a few times, and the catalyst for the change is usually the TV. Does anyone else have this problem? TV isn't a huge part of our lives, but we do watch it sometimes. I don't really want the TV to be the main focus of the living room, but it is nice to have it in there. I would prefer the furniture to be oriented for conversation, but it would be great to have the arrangement work for watching TV, too. Maybe I'm asking too much!

Bookshelves and TV

This picture shows part of our old setup with the TV front and center right after we made the bookshelves. This is how I had the living room arranged when our first daughter was born. (Today, this wall has the couch and art above.) I used to watch TV while I was feeding our new baby. I remember watching the 2012 Summer Olympics during her overnight feedings. Michael Phelps!

I'd like to figure out a better TV solution, but in reality, maybe this little spot in our living room will never be “finished." Maybe we just keep it flexible and rotate in and out the things we are into at the moment, whether tents or TV or maybe a little play table for the girls. That makes me feel a little crazy because it would be nice to have it figured out, but it can be a lesson in flexibility, too.

So where do you guys put YOUR TVs? Is your TV in your main living area? Or in a secondary living area? Is it tucked away upstairs or in the basement or in your bedroom? Do you like your TV above your fireplace front and center or hidden away in an armoire? I'd love to hear how your TV fits into your style and lifestyle!