happy rainy saturday! seems like a fitting day to share this project.

the only thing that was keeping me from checking the half bath off as "finished" was buying or making art and hanging it above the toilet. i've been clipping a bunch of fun raindrop-inspired ideas from around the webs lately, so i had my idea. i also had a bit of extra time on my hands when ben was on a business trip a few weeks ago, so i got down to it.

i started with a pile of paper and fabric scraps. i can't bear to throw away a scrap of something pretty, so i am glad i held onto these pieces! i had just enough of each type.

then i got to cutting. after an episode or two of veronica mars, i had what i needed. i bought a piece of posterboard and used some fabric glue to get everything in place.

and here she is.

again, making something new out of something old just feels so good. we'll be working around the house today and then i have a baby shower to attend tonight! what are your saturday plans?