again, i certainly did not intend for the capture2011 posts to be all i post on this blog. i've actually been quite busy finishing up the kitchen, so here's a project i finished a while ago.

let me again state that window treatments are my decorating nemesis. i was stuck on what to use to cover our sliding door in our kitchen. i wanted something soft, but functional. after all, it's a door. i like white, but i wanted some color, too. then i saw this picture of kate spade's bathroom.

and there was my answer! a bold stripe. so great. and i liked that it would not involve white fabric touching the floor—the floor gets dirty, people!

i already had a pair of white curtains to use. we had them hanging behind our bed in the apartment we were renting before we bought our house.

i bought a yard or two of fabric on sale. there was measuring. and cutting. and pinning. and sewing. and ironing. and some seam ripping.

and here's what i ended up with. i'm really happy with how they turned out. they could be a bit wider, but it always feels good to save money and use what i already have.


happy saturday!