Five Things Friday

Hello, friends! It's been a long, long time since my last Five Things Friday post, but I'd like to start using this space again as a place to share creative ideas and thoughts. So here we go!

Flowering Branches in Black Matte Vase

1. I'm slightly biased because May is my birthday month, but May in Minnesota is pretty much the best. The air is cool and fresh, birds are singing, and green (and pink!) things are growing everywhere. It was just about a month ago that we had 15+ inches of snow. But God is faithful to bring spring.

2. Last week, Ben and I stayed a few nights at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. He had a work conference and I got to tag along. My favorite parts were the long, uninterrupted meals we were able to share with some of his colleagues and friends. A two-hour lunch at an oceanside cafe? Why not? :)

3. While we were there, I finished reading L'Abri by Edith Schaeffer and it was nothing short of amazing. Oh, what a God! Oh, what a story! 

4. My sister-in-law wrote for The Gospel Coalition! Her article was challenging, and what I especially appreciated about it was the message of hoping in God and God alone.

5. Have you shopped H&M Home? There are some amazing goodies to be found. That matte black pitcher in the photo above is a happy object in my life. The thin handle! I can't find it on the web site, but here is a similar creamer. (I'm realizing I like opaque vessels for flowers...then you can't see the untidy stems.) I also bought these pretty wooden nesting bowls

Have a great weekend, everyone!