Easy DIY Outdoor Bench (from Cinder Blocks)

Easy DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

So many have gone before me on this one! This project is certainly not an original idea—I saw a cinder block outdoor bench in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens a few years back (this one, I believe) and then the googling and Pinterest-ing followed (check out this one and this one). There are a million of these out there in different configurations and that's the beauty of a cinder block bench—it is inexpensive, easy to customize, and simple to assemble.

I made this a few years ago and we used it as seating for our outdoor dining table. At first, I left the cinder blocks plain, but last year, I painted them white. I changed up our table and chairs a bit on the patio and moved this bench to a corner by the fence. Ben was teasing me the other night that it got demoted. :)

Easy DIY Outdoor Bench from Cinder Blocks

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

Cinder blocks (You can fiddle with sizes/configurations to get the right height and depth, but I used six doubles.)

Pressure-treated 4x4s or lumber suitable for outdoor use (I used two.)

An outdoor cushion (Mine was a clearance find—it is 18"x54". You can space your cinder blocks farther or closer depending on the length of your cushion and if you have a deeper cushion, you could use more cinder blocks and 4x4s for deeper seating. I even saw someone reusing a crib mattress!)

Construction adhesive (I may or may not have used this. Wink.)

Easy DIY Outdoor Cinder Block Bench

Once you have your supplies, it really is just a matter of assembly. To customize even more, you can paint your cinder blocks or stain your wood. I saw some benches on Pinterest with backs! Get creative. This is such a cost-effective project that you can knock out in no time. You'll be happy you did. Or maybe you'll be uncharacteristically mellow like my underpaid models. Either way, happy benching!

Easy DIY Outdoor Cinder Block Bench