heated floors

we stayed up until midnight on monday installing the heated cables that will go under our tile in the bathroom. we had an inspection at 8am tuesday: we passed.

i asked ben to take a picture of me to prove that i do pitch in on the work! :)

the project was kind of fun, like a brain teaser. you have to figure out the most efficient way to lay the coils so they are between 2 and 3 inches apart (but not closer than 2). plus, you have to cover the whole floor—with the vanity, toilet, and other areas, ours isn't a perfect square, so we wound it a few different directions (ben planned it all out). and finally, you don't want a bunch left over, because you can't just cut off the end. considering the bathroom is about 120 square feet, it is kind of amazing that the cable ended as well as it did. about a half a foot more cable would have been perfect.

things are moving slowly but surely. we had a few delays and disappointments, but i'll write about them in another post. God is good!