hit the highlights

i'm gonna hit the highlights of what has been going on over the past two months.

*pocket doors are installed, as well as closet doors.
*all trim around windows and doors is installed. in some places, i still have to putty the nail holes and give it one more coat of paint, but it is pretty much there.
*the crown was installed above our kitchen cabinets.
*the living room is usable! putting in the carpet was huge. the only thing that is missing (construction-wise) is the mantel. it is coming tomorrow, and we are having it sprayed in a white lacquer. then installed, and done!

here are some mini before and afters.

front door (from the inside):

(from the upstairs hallway...all the glass made for an extreme lack of privacy. can you see the wallpaper?)

(the wallpaper and trim are down. but you can see that the previous owners loved spray foam insulation!)

(during, on painting day. we installed a new door and painted the walls.)

(after! new door, new paint, new trim, new hardware.)

stair railing:

(the railing before was a scratched and rusted wrought iron. missing doors in the background.)

(ben stained the newel. looks like he's preparing for a chess game with giant pieces.)



(we lived with these ragged edges for quite a few weeks.)

(after! now our trim is installed. such a difference!)(a door to the basement. no more gaping hole.)

(crown above the cabinets.)

the half bath:

(fear not, houseguests: the bathroom now has a door.)

that was a lot of photo uploading. i'll save the fireplace and living room photos for later in the week.

great success!

today we're going to play a game! what in these two pictures is not the same?

picture #1: taken at 9am this morning. study it carefully!

picture #2: taken at 4pm this afternoon. what's different?

yeah that's right. the porch is gone. just to refresh your memory, this is what we have been using it for:

it was a great storage room, but the time had come for us to lose it! it was in really bad shape - broken windows, etc. tearing it down was actually a lot of fun.

dave, klaas, ben, justin, and i worked to move all the house debris to the dumpster. then they did this.

we were amazed at how well it came down! here are some more pics from the day.

the dumpster started like this:

and ended like this:

and praise God for fantastic weather today. He held off the rain, and it was nice and cool to be working outside. we are so thankful for friends and family who sacrifice their saturdays to help us out.

while the boys were working with crowbars and chainsaws, i started raking out our garden. crissy and "favorite aunt patty" came by while we were eating lunch. they scoped out some of the existing landscaping and put in their guesses for what perennials would be coming up. looks like we'll have lilacs, peonies, chives, and some other plants i can't remember. :)

God is so good, and so faithful. today i just felt this overwhelming sense of peace and thankfulness that He provided this home for us. this is our home - we don't have to move out any time soon! what a blessing. something we do not deserve.

i see God's goodness so much in this situation. we've been looking for houses for about two years, and it amazes me that God had this perfect home in store for us all along. i love that God orchestrates these things to be just so. i am a fool to not trust Him and His sovereign grace.

one funny story from the day: dave and i were taking the sledge hammer to some cabinets in the front yard. the activity drew over a neighbor boy and his parents, so we were thankful for the chance to meet them! the little boy was like, "i wanna smash stuff, too!"

we've met quite a few of our neighbors, actually. one family in particular has been especially kind. they told us they have been praying that a young couple would move in and really work on the house. that really touched me. we met another neighbor, too, who told us some interesting news: apparently the last three owners have all divorced. it was so sweet to see ben look our neighbor in the eye and say, "for us, divorce is not an option." i love my ben.

the house is really coming along. on the first level, we've had the HVAC guy, electricians, and clyde (the plumber) come to get us set up. those projects are fantastic and necessary, but they don't give a large visual difference. tearing off the porch was just what i needed to remind me that the things we are doing to this house will make a BIG difference. here are a few shots of the kitchen.

you can see where the sliding patio door and window above the sink are framed in. we're moving along, slow and steady. now i think ben and i are going to go watch zoolander. as a parting shot, here's dave in his zoolander pose:

have a great weekend!

our new favorite haunt

tonight, ben and i went to visit a special place called cannon recovery. it is like the tj maxx of home building supplies. they carry remnants, overstocks, wrong orders, etc. at discounted prices. bert told us about it, and i can already tell it is going to be a favorite place of ours!

they had aisles and aisles of cabinets, carpet, countertops, vanities, windows, doors, and flooring. this is only one of the warehouses:

it reminded me of the last scene from indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark when they place the ark in a warehouse full of boxes. the door aisles reminded ben of monsters, inc. so this picture is for dave, because apparently i'm boo:

we were looking for a double closet door, two pocket doors, and a few windows. we ended up snagging two pockets. of course, they will be primed and painted white. i'm going to go ahead and estimate that approximately 80% of the wood that enters our home will be painted white (with a 5% margin of error). what can i say, i like white.

we got the two doors for just under $12o. that seemed like a pretty good price! they have a few tiny imperfections, but because they are pocket doors they will spend most of their lives hidden in the walls. :)