no time

for a long post. we are still squeezing in reno work upstairs, my sister's wedding is this saturday, and i am officially 24 weeks pregnant and not getting any smaller! here are some scenes from our lives during these past weeks:

we're replacing all the doors upstairs (there are seven), so ben and i scoped out bmo for a deal. the tagline is "the handyman's candy store" and it is so true. that place is addicting. we found one door for the linen closet——solid maple for 75 beans. not bad.

ben convinced me to splurge on the dollar bottle of sprecker bbq sauce at menards. we have fancy taste.

my love for menards grew (is that possible?) when they replaced our two broken stanley tape measures for FREE. free people. i was pretty excited.

so excited that i got into a floor sample bathtub.

 loony tunes t-shirt and all. like i said, we're fancy.

i hosted another shower and lunch for my sister and made these simple cheesecake bars. recipe here.

and i got crafty to make some candy-filled favors for the guests. instructions here.

you probably won't hear from me until after the wedding. au revoir!