out with the old walls, in with the new!

sometimes it feels as if the tear-down has gone slowly, but then i remember that it has been just a little over two weeks since we closed on the house. we really have made a lot of progress!

this wall came down. it was the wall between the kitchen and the formal dining room with the strangely low built-in. we learned that taking down soffits is a real stinker.

and so did the ceiling. taking off drywall took me forever, but bert just got it started with the saw and tore it down with his bare hands.
we also knocked out a closet on the south end of the kitchen to expand the space. we'll have to reroute some heating and draining elements, but it will buy us about two feet. i'm dreaming of a cozy banquette (with storage beneath!) that would run the entire length of the wall with an oval table pulled up to it...but i am getting way ahead of myself. we need walls first.
we pretty much finished the demolition phase last week, so on saturday, ben and klaas started framing out the walls. here's the workshop, aka our living room.
we also ripped out the french doors that lead out to the back porch. this area will eventually be a mudroom with a half bath. i'm so glad we got it closed up - we had the carpets cleaned this week, and they took a while to dry because we couldn't get the house above 5o degrees! thankfully, the weather on saturday was beautiful and the house warmed right up.

we also framed out the entrance from the former dining room to the living room. this was kind of a point of controversy, because it closes up the flow of the layout...but we pretty much had to choose between a doorway and more cabinet/counter space in the kitchen. we chose the space in the kitchen. hopefully, this won't be a decision we come to regret!

we've been using a program to sketch out our designs for the house. if i can figure out how to upload them, i'll put them up here so you can all envision the final layout!

also, a note about the orange chair in the picture above: someone in our condo gave this to us for free, and it has come in handy for a place to sit because we don't care if it gets dusty. it is known as the "jacob chair " (a LOST reference). one of the first nights we were working on the house, i went into the back bedroom and the only thing in the room was the chair, facing the wall. it was creepy and reminded me of the scene with jacob in the cabin.