story of a lonely goodwill skirt

my mom and her sister definitely know their way around a sewing machine. my mom used to teach sewing classes, and i can remember sitting next to her in the basement, watching her thread her needle and guide the fabric through the machine. my aunt sewed baby blankets for me, my brother, and my sister—and i slept with mine longer than i'd like to admit. she also made easter dresses for me and kristen. they were pretty much the same dress, but mine was purple and kristen's was pink. i'm no sewing expert, but my mom is, so that's a start. :)

i mentioned that i received a sewing machine from my parents for Christmas, and i've been having so much fun with it! the internet is such an inspiring "sewing tutorial" and a million things come up. it has been a long time since i've made anything wearable (like, since seventh grade home economics), but i thought sewing a skirt would be pretty simple. so i needed some fabric.

i found this skirt at goodwill for $2.50. it grabbed my attention because the fabric was so bright and bold! i didn't even check the size. i was going to cut it to pieces and rework it anyway, so the bigger the better—more fabric!

here are a few shots of what it was like when i bought it. i should have taken a shot of me wearing it. it was huge. like i could stack both fists between my waist and the waistband. it looked like one of those crazy weight loss "look at me in my former pants" pictures. before i told him about the vision, i put it on over my clothes and showed ben. he was very confused.

it was really long, and it buttoned up the side, too:

 but check out that label: diane von furstenberg! no way!

i cut off the button-up side seams and the strange pleated waistband. there were two tiny holes near the hem, so i cut that off, too. i basically ended up with two rectangles of fabric. i mashed up no less than three skirt tutorials i saw online and improvised a waistband (i just sewed a little "pocket" and threaded 1 1/2" elastic through, then sewed it shut). oh yeah, and the fabric was totally see-through so i added a lining. here's how it came out (don't laugh at my poses! i felt awkward...)

i wore it yesterday for easter, but i cheated and wore it to work earlier in the week, too. :) it was fun to wear something handmade, something that had been old and strange and is now fun and pretty!