some new additions around the house

good morning! looks like we have some hot weather coming our way!

i did a little shopping on thursday. first up was odds and ends furniture gallery in st. louis park. they sent me a $50 gift card in the mail, with no minimum purchase. i thought it would be worth checking out! they had a lot of scratch and dent pieces, and they were really nice quality. a lot of things were more formal than what we need (very edina looking, ha!), but they had some fun upholstered pieces, too. should have brought my camera.

here's what i bought:

because of the coupon, it ended up being about $13. and ben likes the shade! score!

when i got up on thursday morning, i saw that i had missed a call at 6:30am from my mom. i was worried. i listened to the message—she wanted to tell me about a great table she saw at her neighbor's garage sale. :) i'm so glad it wasn't some serious bad news, but i was thankful for the insider tip!

anyways, i swung over and took a look. it needs a LOT of work, but it is a sturdy oak table with a great shape. and the price? eight dollars. i promptly loaded it into the explorer. it needs to be stripped and re-stained, but i think it's a winner. we'll just us a tablecloth for now. and eventually we'll get some real chairs that don't fold. :)

so those are my thursday deals. seriously, all the garage sale signs make my heart race. i love a good project. speaking of projects, i'm off to work on a super-secret birthday gift. it involves me operating a scroll saw in the garage. if it turns out well, i'll share pics here.

have a great weekend!