we have walls!

this past weekend was an eventful one. on saturday, we had a crew of guys come over to help us drywall. it was exciting - a very marked occasion of putting our kitchen back together again.

my mom and i did some surveying of the garden while the guys worked. we got lunch ready, and then i went to a wedding shower for kaylee while the menfolk slaved away. on saturday morning, the house looked like this:

we worked most of sunday afternoon, too, and at the end of the day, the kitchen looked like this:

the vision is coming together! really, i got so excited as the sheets of drywall went up. i spent most of sunday screwing in the drywall and i was starting to lose steam. but i got a second wind (after i went downstairs and ate a cookie) and we finished up a lot of the smaller pieces in the closet and bathroom.

we are hiring a taper - that is definitely not something i'd like to attempt. later this week, we'll be finalizing our cabinet order, as well as appliances. i have some paint colors picked out for the walls, as well as ideas for tile for the mudroom/closet/bathroom. we're on the brink of really starting to see the changes come quickly!

a random post

this post doesn't have a topic sentence. just some random pics of the house from the last few weeks.

here's the new mudroom/closet/half bath from the kitchen. on the left, you can see where the closet is framed in. on the right will be a *very* tight half bath.

and perhaps the most exciting part of all...access from the garage to the house! we think it will be well worth the sacrifice of the formal dining room. now we just need a doorknob.

here's the lovely miss beth modeling where our new john will go. i love calling it a john. so funny. i hope it's not crude? (and the falling-down duct tape represents where the window will be.)

here's a shot of our basement kitchen-cave. as you can see, we have a range set up. and a table. the other side has a fridge and microwave. there's a little pantry area, too. it'll work for now. the lights usually flicker while we eat, casting a romantic glow that could be mistaken for candlelight. very dharma initiative.

and here's a shot of me and my twin, mrs. mary jane hanson. love you mom!

and a shout out to my sister, who turns 22 today. signing out!