don't worry, this post is not about soup.

here are some more pictures from the week. i apologize about the order...i'm still trying to figure this blogging thing out.

here are ben and klaas ripping out cabinets and countertops:

it looks bigger already!

another big project from the week was tackling the paneling in the dining room/living room. thankfully, it was only on one wall.

it's hard to describe this paneling. it clearly wasn't wood, but it had been painted over and you could still see the lines between the panels. we thought it must have been some faux finish that was stuck onto the drywall, but when we started prying it up, we realized that it was just nailed right to the studs. it WAS the wall! this is the wall that is shared with the garage (which is attached but with no entrance into the house...more on that later), hence the insulation.

it's looking worse every day - which really means it is looking better.