mini triumphs in organizing

happy friday, everyone! has it been a good week? i see almost-60-degree weather in the forecast for this weekend here in minnesota, so i am jumping for joy!

i am not an organized person. it just never comes easy to me. i'm going to go ahead and label myself a creative type with a creative (aka scattered) mind. ahem.

when we moved into our current home, the entire main level was torn up and nothing went where it was supposed to go. i'm talking stove in the basement, dishes in an upstairs closet, and an entire room downstairs full of empty boxes and packing supplies. as we finish projects and create new spaces in our home, i spend a good amount of time trying to untangle the mess of moving into a house that was being renovated. catch my drift?

but i want to be an organized person. maybe it is the nesting instinct, but i feel it heavily now. when i was clearing out the upstairs linen closet for the reno and realized that we have medicine and toiletries in at least three different places in our house, it was time to act. fast.

i pulled everything out so that i could combine like with like and toss expired items.

now you and me are bff because you've seen the contents of my medicine cabinet. in all honesty, i did crop this photo . . .  i have some dignity, i guess. ;)

after a quick run to target for some extra plastic bins, a motivated evening when i realized i didn't want to step over this hazardous pile during my midnight trip to the bathroom, and finding a few blank tags i made years ago, we now have a crazy organized linen closet. behold!

everything is so easy to find! i mentioned that i've been couponing, and one of the goals of the method is to stock up on your staples when you can get a good deal. so now i have a great system for organizing my stockpile. and it's a system that ben can understand, too, which isn't always the case. :)

here's to more organizing before baby comes!

closet project #2

as promised, i'm back with a mini-triumph in the mudroom closet. nothing monumental...just...everything in its place.

(we love our new mudroom closet!)

(but chaos reigned inside.)

(a quick trip to the container store for some organizational tools...)

(...and an honest assessment of what we can do without...)

(much better.)

while i was in edina, i stopped to pick up some fabric samples for two small projects. i'll keep you posted on which fabrics we chose and what we do with them.