nursery sneak peek

i'm still pregnant! no baby yet. just this afternoon, i feel like i've come down with the flu, so that's no good. or maybe it is? it feels like everything can be a sign of "early labor." plus, i've been reading into every little sign like crazy. i need to be still and trust God!

i'm sorry to be such a horrific tease, but i only had the strength to take a few pictures of the nursery. it's missing something important . . . oh yeah, our little lady! ;) maybe this week? that's what i'm praying for.

bunting flags downloaded from aubrey + lindsay and printed at kinko's.

that's all i have for now. as always, thanks for coming back, even though i string you along terribly!

nesting: nursery ottoman, burp rags, and diaper changing station

hello friends!

well, i am less than two weeks away from my due date and feeling fabulous. i was certainly prompted by that little trip to the hospital to get some things prepped for baby! we installed the carseat (and i met with a city police officer to have it inspected), packed a bag, narrowed down the pediatrician options, and finished a few more things around the house. ben said before he felt underprepared, but i think we are both feeling more ready now! i'm going to share a few little details of fun things i've been working on for baby.

first, a pretty easy before and after. we bought a comfy glider, but the ottoman was $200+ so we decided against it. i found this guy at a neighbor's estate sale a few months ago and paid ten beans for him.

i borrowed a paint sprayer and found enough foam, batting, and fabric in my stash to make a new cushion and cover. so the total cost for this redo was just the cost of the ottoman: $10! love it. and it makes a nice little extra seat, too.

i haven't had the chance to do much sewing for baby girl, but one afternoon i got a hankering to make something. i was inspired by my friend tiffany's lovely gift at one of my showers——she added fabric and ribbon to embellish a cloth diaper for a burp rag. i liked her method better than the one i had used before, so again, i dug around in my stash for pretties and added them to a pack of diapers/burp rags i had received as a gift.

these will be the pretty ones i'll take to church. ;)

and finally, today i put together a little diaper changing kit to keep in our main level living room——i received this suggestion from a few people. i'm not sure how i'll feel about climbing the stairs to the changing table in the nursery in the days after delivery, so we'll use the living room floor for a while. diapers, wipes, a changing mat, and some soft burp rags and blankets in a small basket make me feel a little more ready.

hopefully i'll find time to blog some more projects from the nursery in the next week or so. and i'll keep you posted with any baby news! 

enjoy your weekend!