the faucet chronicles

who knew selecting a kitchen faucet would be so hard? not me. i seriously dreamed about faucets last night. but we finally picked one. i bought it today, after numerous trips to home depot, menards, and a few online browsing extravaganzas.

chrome, stainless, or oil-rubbed bronze? two handles or one? pull-down spout? side spray? soap dispenser? it's worse than ordering coffee. plus, there's always the complication of getting the best quality we can afford but spending as little as possible.

i knew going in that i wanted a side spray, and ben told me that we should get a one-handle model (there was a reason but i can't remember. something to do with pressure and an even temperature...).

when i first started, i wanted something modern and industrial. our small group leaders have an awesome one like this:

i love how intense it looks, but again, i didn't want a pull-down faucet. so i thought something simple like this:

but we wanted to go with kohler or moen for their warranties, and it was hard to find one in our price range. then, today, i was at menards. it was time to make a decision. i saw this moen beauty, and i was strangely drawn to it. (amazon has it listed for $400...we did not even pay close to that for it.)

it is definitely a departure from the modern stuff i usually go for. but i think that is what makes design fun - mixing styles can make a room interesting because you can't quite pin it down.

in other news, i put the knobs on our cabinets tonight. as i unwrapped each knob, i felt like i was opening a present. they are so shiny and pretty! i'm thrilled with our choice. the details really do make the difference. so i'm blogging about the minutiae to remind myself to pay attention to the small stuff.