gypsum and fish

what is that, you may ask. oh let me tell you. those are sheets of drywall that will be hung tomorrow! woohooo! i'm so excited about it.

on monday, the foam insulation was blown into the exterior walls. i came home to the familiar fish smell. today, we passed our insulation inspection. tomorrow, a crew is coming to hang the gypsum! (my favorite name for drywall.)

last time around, we hung the drywall ourselves (with lots of help from family and friends!). it took us a long, long time. this time around, we decided to spend the money to have a crew hang it for us. it isn't as expensive as one might think.

i'm meeting the ladies from my small group at psycho suzi's right after work tomorrow, but i might have to sneak home between to see the walls!

inspection nerves

we have recessed lighting in the kitchen! check it out.

i think it looks fabulous. recessed lighting makes a room really sparkle. we actually have eleven cans in all - we were going to have eight plus one over the sink, but the dining end of the room was looking a little dark. the electrician added two more, and now the kitchen is super bright.

we have our electric inspection tomorrow. i hope we pass the test! :)