roman shade: finished!

do you ever feel paralyzed when it comes to decorating decisions? i do. sometimes i just can't bring myself to spend the money it would take to decorate a space. sometimes i don't have the time, so a bathroom window goes without covering for months. :)

but progress has been made! here's the final result of that bathroom window decision:

a combination of menards cut-to-fit white blinds and a homemade roman shade! i love it. i used darby's tutorial to make the shade. [her blog is amazing. she loves Jesus, her husband, her kids, sewing, baking, and photography. she's an inspiration.] my shade is not perfect. if you look closely (or maybe not even that closely!) you'll see flaws. but i'm still learning, and i'm happy with it.

the fabric is from calico corners. they have beautiful, quality fabric and great prices. i ordered it back in february, sewed the shade right away, and then it sat for a month while i pondered how the make the folds. then, i brought my sewing machine and the shade over to my mom, the pro, and she helped me figure out the folds and the last few steps. then, it sat for another month before i got the itch to mount it one night! man, i'm slow. beth and i painted this bathroom last june! [having the blog helps me keep track of these things—i can know exactly how long it has been. eek.]

like darby, i mounted the shade higher than the window. it is purely decorative (it doesn't go up or down), so i hung it high to make it seem like the window was bigger than it actually is. this requires blackout lining on the back, but i think it really does make the room seem bigger!

i have art to hang in there and a shelf to install, and then this bathroom will be complete. wahoo!

hit the highlights

i'm gonna hit the highlights of what has been going on over the past two months.

*pocket doors are installed, as well as closet doors.
*all trim around windows and doors is installed. in some places, i still have to putty the nail holes and give it one more coat of paint, but it is pretty much there.
*the crown was installed above our kitchen cabinets.
*the living room is usable! putting in the carpet was huge. the only thing that is missing (construction-wise) is the mantel. it is coming tomorrow, and we are having it sprayed in a white lacquer. then installed, and done!

here are some mini before and afters.

front door (from the inside):

(from the upstairs hallway...all the glass made for an extreme lack of privacy. can you see the wallpaper?)

(the wallpaper and trim are down. but you can see that the previous owners loved spray foam insulation!)

(during, on painting day. we installed a new door and painted the walls.)

(after! new door, new paint, new trim, new hardware.)

stair railing:

(the railing before was a scratched and rusted wrought iron. missing doors in the background.)

(ben stained the newel. looks like he's preparing for a chess game with giant pieces.)



(we lived with these ragged edges for quite a few weeks.)

(after! now our trim is installed. such a difference!)(a door to the basement. no more gaping hole.)

(crown above the cabinets.)

the half bath:

(fear not, houseguests: the bathroom now has a door.)

that was a lot of photo uploading. i'll save the fireplace and living room photos for later in the week.