dresser refurb

good morning, lads and lasses!

this is an old project that i finished last year, but if you've been here a while, you know how i roll. i still owe you pictures of our master bath, which we finished in august of 2010, but that's for another day.

ben and i inherited this old dresser from his family's cabin. it's a really fun dresser with a great shape, but unfortunately, the dresser itself wasn't in such great shape. it was plenty sturdy, it just had some finish issues. but i could see past the braces, glasses, and frumpy wardrobe. i knew we could turn her into student council president. vote for summer! i think i will.

i thought about painting her (yes, it's a she) a fun color. yellow? aqua? no, no. i thought it best to stick to neutral since we planned on putting her in our bedroom with the bright red headboard. so i rummaged through our substantial paint stash and came up with a way to do this for free using leftover paint from other projects.

first, i gave her a good vacuum and scrub inside and out. then i left her out to dry and it rained. oops. then like a month went by with her back in the garage so i washed her again.

sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint, varnish. or something like that. i reused the old hardware making this (i think?) a free project. the best kind. voila!

she cleans up nice, don't you think? i like her little scalloped skirt. and the paint treatment goes with our bedside tables even though the furniture is different.

we have a very substantial closet attached to our master bath, so we didn't need to use this dresser for clothes. since i cleaned out and organized the linen closet, i can move the bed linens in here and have them that much closer to the bed. i've got jewelry and a temporary mirror up top, but as always, a work in progress.



i finally finished them: two bedside tables/dressers for our master bedroom. each is an ikea rast— a pretty popular item for re-doing, as seen herehere, and here.

the price is great and the quality is pretty good (it is pine). i like the two-tone look that i saw others try, but i didn't want to stain the wood. i wanted the outside to be gray—almost the same as the walls, but just a touch darker. nothing too loud, because the headboard is pretty bold already.

after much deliberation, i went with a benjamin moore gray mixed at sherwin williams. the white is just left over from our trim.

with ikea, the toughest part is putting the piece together with the cheapie allen wrench tools.

then it was just sanding, tacking, priming, painting, and varnishing in various repeating stages whenever i could sneak down to the basement in half-hour increments. then, weeks later, i brought them up!

it is nice to have drawers for socks, hand lotion (my hands crack and bleed in the winter! eek!), glasses, and a few choice books. i would have loved to add some special knobs like these or these, but i needed 12, so anything more than a few bucks would get expensive pretty quickly. i ended up with some simple ones from home depot that i bought in a bulk pack. i'm happy, and ben's happy. grrrrreat!

wow, it looks really empty. i need to add some lamps and maybe some accessories to style up the dressers, like in rebecca's post. the interwebs is an endless source of ideas.

the next big project is to sand, stain, and varnish the kitchen table that bert made a new top for! i literally can't wait, but i think i'm going to have to. not much time between now and Christmas for house projects.

stay warm!