we set a date

alright folks, we are going to move into our new house this saturday, april 4.

i'm writing it here for accountability of sorts. we don't HAVE to move out of our current condo, which is the problem...it's gonna be hard to move out of this:

and into this: but it must be done! no more dragging our feet! we are paying rent AND a mortgage now, so every day we stay in the condo means we are paying double. (and granted, the above image of the house is the kitchen. we won't be living in the kitchen but i was going for a dramatic contrast.)

house projects have been on hold for the past week or so while we've waited for the help of a framer to help us build the walls with the pocket doors. we got an estimate from an electrician, a flooring friend, and a tin man, so after the walls are framed we can do electric, HVAC, and plumbing. then, we should be able to drywall, i think!

so here's to homesteading! yippee!