closet project #2

as promised, i'm back with a mini-triumph in the mudroom closet. nothing monumental...just...everything in its place.

(we love our new mudroom closet!)

(but chaos reigned inside.)

(a quick trip to the container store for some organizational tools...)

(...and an honest assessment of what we can do without...)

(much better.)

while i was in edina, i stopped to pick up some fabric samples for two small projects. i'll keep you posted on which fabrics we chose and what we do with them.

closet purge

ben and i use google calendar to sync our schedules [i would highly recommend it]. well, a few weeks ago we blocked out a big chunk of time to clean out our bedroom closet. today was the big day!

we've owned this house for almost a year now. we moved in last april, but in many ways, it seems like we are still moving in! our closet was out of control. we both had a lot of things that we were holding on to but never wore anymore. so we got our game faces on to purge big-time.

(yikes! and please ignore the poor paint job in the closet. we haven't changed any of the paint colors upstairs yet.)

as with most cleaning projects, it had to get worse before it got better. but this was so necessary; we had to take inventory of what we had! to be honest, i found some things in the back that i had completely forgotten about.

but we kept going. ben was ruthless: he really got rid of a lot of clothes. and before too long, it looked a lot better. we ended up with two really big bags of clothes and shoes to donate.

(a place for everything, including belts and jeans.)

(i decided to organize my side by color...more for aesthetics than practicality. i realized that i have a lot of clothes in the purple/pink and blue/teal categories.)

this is one small step...just one closet of many. i plan to do the mudroom closet next. it really just needs a few shoe racks and baskets, and it will be pretty well organized. i think it is really important to purge, because i don't want to be a hoarder. it's just stuff, and it doesn't define me. i want to hold lightly to the things of this world, because we're just "passing through." :)