california continued: my grandpa's shop

way back in december i promised to share more pictures from california. oops. story of my life.

but i'm circling back to post them, no matter how much time has gone by. these shots i took while ben and i investigated my grandpa's shop are just really special. his shop holds so many items that are like "moments" from his life. his shop is kind of like a time capsule spanning 80+ years.

this is my grandpa. he's standing next to a ford built in the same year he was born: 1922.

he has a lot of tools. he began building and working with machinery after world war ii.

he is a welder. 

he has nuts and bolts and elbows and wrenches in a million different sizes. ben was pretty amazed at all the cool gadgets my grandpa has collected over the years. the two of them talked shop for a while. my heart just melted to see them like this. i wish i understood machines and mechanics better than i do, but it was really sweet to see the two men connect in that way. i just stood back and watched—with my finger on the shutter button, of course.