corner turned

oh drywall. you are a sight for sore eyes.

[we used durock above and next to the shower and mold-resistant drywall on the exterior wall. just in case you are wondering about the blue color. which i actually kind of love?]

i'm very much looking forward to a date night with my sweet husband this evening. monday is my birthday, and i think he's taking me to see the avengers tonight. and maybe some mama's pizza if we have time. pizza + action movie = a five-star date (in my humble opinion). enjoy your weekend, friends!

"the south wing"

we've officially "broken ground" on our master remodel. i want to start by posting pics of what we're working with!

up until yesterday, we had a "wing" of our house that was closed up. {imagine the west wing from beauty and the beast, but without the magical rose.}

down this hallway, you'll find a closet (which we are using for tools/supplies), two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. {okay, so it's nothing like the beast's west wing. except for the fact that it's scary.}

inside door #1:

inside door #2:

and perhaps scariest of all (are you ready?), door #3:

yikes! what a bathroom. so that's where we stand. consider this the "before."

we replaced all the windows in these rooms, and did some patching where we moved walls around for the kitchen (which is next to one of the bedrooms). we tore up carpet in the front bedroom. other than that, though, these rooms have been pretty much untouched.

it was my father-in-law's idea to make this area of the house the master suite. we started the labor yesterday. i'll upload the tentative floorplan and place it next to the current one to show what we'll do.

enjoy the weekend! we'll be resting today. God gave us a Sabbath for our good.

what lovely warm weather we've been having here in Minnesota. the turn of the season is such a sweet remind of God's faithfulness. a friend shared this verse with me a few weeks ago:

Hosea 6: 3
Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord;
his going out is sure as the dawn;
he will come to us as the showers,
as the spring rains that water the earth.”


weekend update

the weekend isn't over yet, but it has been fantastically productive. ben took friday off of work to work on the house, and we accomplished quite a bit: taking down wallpaper, taking off siding, narrowing tile choices to two for the fireplace surround, picking up roof samples, and other small things. our new front door, garage door, and a window were delivered, too.

kristen graciously volunteered to spend her saturday morning helping me and ben outside. we started tearing off the masonite siding on the back of the house. man, was it hot and humid!

(kristen takes it to the house. literally.)

(and she holds the rope for my man on the roof, while i snap pictures.)

(hanson sisters unite!)

(at one point, i'm sure it was "the lovely white house on the corner.")

(ben takes a sledgehammer to the fireplace.)

(admiring his handiwork. better already.)

(today, three tiles came off the vanity. i heard a crash and this is what i found. this bathroom has to last us for a while, though...)

(decisions, decisions.)

we are going to push hard to get a lot done in the next month. we're finally getting the summer weather here in minnesota, but fall isn't too far off and we want to have the windows, siding, and roof finished soon. then we are going to take a break.

visual update

we've been hard at work. the tile in the mudroom/half bath is grouted and ready to be sealed. paint is on the walls. and perhaps most exciting of all, our appliances are here and (mostly) installed. here are a few pictures. it is still a construction zone, but i am looking forward to moving into the kitchen later this week (and giving it a thorough cleaning!). tools out, dishes in!

we hope to have the fridge for a long time, so we bought the biggest one we could afford.

klaas stayed over late last wednesday night to help us install our sink, faucet, garbage disposal, range, and fridge. and of course he shed blood.

the dishwasher went in tonight. it was relatively painless, except for a quick trip to menards/home depot. but that is typical.

ben did the honors of the first load. we got a bosch because of good reviews on consumer reports. man that thing is quiet!

yes, that is a toilet in the garage. it will (Lord willing!) be installed tomorrow night in the half bath. we also have to install the microwave. close to having a working bathroom AND a fully-functional kitchen!

art project with miss bef

last night, beth and i completed the second-to-last step of last weekend's art project. the mission was to do something on the walls in the tiny half bath to mimic wallpaper. i've been loving wallpaper lately, as there are tons of modern wallpaper options these days. my favorites are from walnut wallpaper. here are some inspiration photos i've collected.

but wallpaper is expensive, and kind of a commitment. we were in a hurry to finish whatever wall treatment we were going to do because we had to install sconces for our electrical inspection.

now, beth has serious artistic talent so i enlisted her in my art army. i thought we might be able to mimic something natural-looking (like trees) with paint. recently, i saw a design*sponge post with a similar project that encouraged me that we could pull this off. so with these pictures as our inspiration, we set off.

i had already painted the adjoining mudroom in "dorian gray" by sherwin williams, so we carried that into the bathroom, too. (of course, i had a semi-brief period in which i was convinced we should paint this bathroom bright kelly green...but i realized the error of my ways. but i guarantee green will appear throughout our home...i love it!)

beth just sketched some tree outlines in pencil right onto the wall. then we filled them in. i initially bought the shade of white that was at the top of the paint sample strip, but when we put it on the wall, it was too stark (i think it was four shades away). we went back and bought the shade right next to dorian. after a few hours of painting last friday, beth finished up the details last night with a small brush. here she is in action:

and here are a few shots of the bigger picture. (we only painted the tree silhouettes on one wall - the one that is visible from the mudroom.)

in morning light (and with the green tape removed):

i am really pleased with the results. we need to do a few touch-ups, but it is pretty much finished. once we get the window painted white, some trim, a toilet and sink, and a few accessories, i think it will look really sharp.

thanks for your help, beth! now i'm off to tile the floor for the mudroom and bath. pics to come!