about me

well, hello there! i'm amy. i'm a twenty-something gal who is crazy about my Christ, my husband, and my family. 

"i exist to point to Him." those aren't my words, but i believe them: in God, i live and move and have my being. i value creativity because God is creative. i want to be creative and productive, too, for His glory!

i love my redeeming Jesus. i feel lesser affections——but still strong ones!——for coffee, cheese, pumpkin pie, aqua blue, mornings, menards, and fall. i dabble in photography, renovating, decorating, baking, sewing, and using power tools. i like to make stuff. people tell me that i get excited about a lot of things. i suspect they are right.

i started this blog when we bought our house——a broken foreclosure with a sad history——and we're working hard to make it our home. but that's not all i write about. so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade and stay for a bit. i'm so glad you are here.