Five Things Friday

Memorial Day weekend is here! We are heading up north for our first cabin weekend of the season. It will be especially fun for the girls to spend so much time with their cousins, I think. Many memories to be made! What are your plans?

Let's jump in!

1. We have our ultrasound on Wednesday (I'll be 23 weeks) and we plan to find out boy or girl if baby cooperates. I am so very excited. The girls keep calling the baby a sister but we'll see!

2. An interesting perspective (and somewhat freeing, perhaps?). But also rather controversial. What do you think?

3. Have you all tried making breakfast cookies? We have some rather leisurely eaters around here (ahem) and on mornings when we need to get out the door, I need something they will absolutely gobble up. I figured cookies would do the trick! I've tried the recipe from Shauna Niequest's Bread and Wine and it was good. Just recently, the girls helped me make these from Real Food Whole Life and they were delicious the first day but didn't keep very well. Have you tried any breakfast cookie recipes? Do share!

4. Our current Bible class at church is on parenting, and it is so challenging and encouraging. One thing that stuck with me is the importance of teaching our children to work, so I am trying to bring the girls into my housework more. Kate especially loves to help and we had fun washing the windows together this week. And of course, both of the girls love to help me water the plants! (Also, when I pulled out my big camera, Jane wanted to try it. She took the first picture in this post. I didn't edit it at all.) I have a simple sewing project in mind and instead of doing it after the girls are in bed, I will let Jane watch and maybe help a bit. I want her to see me working.

5. I cannot get this house tour out of my head. I love it so much. A touch warm for my taste but wow, I just love a California midcentury home. That backyard is a dream! I was trying to piece together the floorplan and I finally just emailed the homeowner and she graciously sent me the layouts. I'm so nosy!

Happy weekend, all!