Five Things Friday


1. Ben is on his way home from California as I write this. We live close to the airport and see lots of airplanes. It is fun to think of his plane flying right over us!

2. We have been potty training our little guy and I am so thankful for how quickly he seems to be catching on. Does anyone else spend a lot of time reading to their children on the potty while they learn to go? Ben’s cousin gifted us this On the Farm Wimmelbook and it has been such a hit—for potty training, road trips, and beyond! It isn’t a story with words, but each page has so many things to see in the illustration as well as people to find on each page throughout the book. I would definitely recommend and I am eyeing this construction site one, too.

3. The same cousin who gifted us the Wimmelbook suggested I try a straw bale garden this year and it has been such a success! It is incredibly satisfying to go out to pick a fresh cucumber to slice for lunch, grab some arugula for a sandwich, or offer a friend a zucchini. I certainly made some mistakes (like picking that sugar baby watermelon before it was ripe) but I’m excited to keep learning and try some new things next year.

4. I have been listening to this song a lot. Summer days are long and fun and tiring and each one a gift from God.

5. Our air conditioner went out a few weeks ago during a hot spell, and it was one of those things that really gives perspective. I don’t like to be sweaty and sticky. I like cool and comfortable. I kept thinking about so many women who have lived in hotter climates than me throughout the years, working hard and caring for their husbands and children with no possibility of air conditioning. I felt extra thankful when we were able to get it replaced and our house cooled off.

Have a great weekend!