Wallpaper in the Dining Area

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Midcentury Dining Room with Wallpaper

Our dining area (it's really an eat-in kitchen) has long been a sore spot for me. It is one of the most-used rooms in our home. We are here for meals and snacks and the assortment of puzzles, legos, coloring, and crafting sessions. I want it to really work well for the way we live. But I also want it to be pretty!

I had been thinking of giving it a little attention and changing things up, so I was thrilled when the kind people at Photowall asked me if I'd be interested in trying out their product. Photowall is a Swedish company that produces wallpaper, wall murals, and canvas prints. (You can even turn your own images into wall murals!) I knew right where I wanted a little wall pattern: our dining area.

So I headed to the site and browsed through Photowall's patterns. I'm going through a bit of a style change these days—definitely craving more simplicity in my home. I gave it a few days but finally decided on Tracks in black. It's neutral and simple, but I still feel like it fits my style and the direction I'd like to take the room. I ordered the Premium paper, which is scratch-resistant and wipeable. Kids live here! :)

The wallpaper arrived in one long roll, which was clearly marked for me to cut into numbered panels. My wall is about eleven feet long with eight-foot ceilings, and I ended up with eight panels. The patterns were all lined up for me from one panel to the next. No guessing!

Photowall Wallpaper Ready to Hang

Now, I have never hung wallpaper before, but the instructions were clear and this helpful video gave me some confidence. The wallpaper paste powder was included, which was easy to mix up with water. 

Photowall also included the hanging kit, which had all the tools I needed except a bucket and my four-foot level. (You can buy the kit on the site.) 

Photowall Hanging Kit

I primed the wall white a few days before I put up my wallpaper so there wouldn't be any color showing through (the adjacent walls are Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore).

Photowall Wallpaper Being Hung

Getting the pattern aligned just right was tricky in places, but while the paste was wet I could peel back the paper and readjust as needed.

Once my eight panels were pasted on, I used the straight edge and cutter to trim the excess. I had some trouble getting paste all the way to the ceiling with the large brush, so one trick I found helpful was to use a small artist's brush to make sure I got the corners and edges stuck down tightly with paste. After I trimmed, I repasted any corners that were looking a little loose. 

Thankfully, not all projects take six months! With some prep work done earlier in the week (priming the wall), installing this wallpaper took a little more than three hours. It was (almost) instant gratification—a huge difference in not a lot of time.

Photowall Wallpaper in Tracks

The quality of the paper is excellent, and it was actually fun to install! It was so satisfying to step back and see my work.

Midcentury Dining Room with Graphic Wallpaper

What do you think? This was my first experience with wallpaper, and after this project I'm hoping it won't be the last. If you'd like to try out Photowall, you can use the code photowallamycampaign2017 to get 20% off your order until December 15. 

May I share a few patterns that caught my eye? 

Astrid in peach would look so sweet in a nursery or little girl's room.

Photowall Astrid

Ink texture would be gorgeous as a feature wall in a bedroom—perhaps behind the bed. Pair with a simple, low headboard or even skip the headboard altogether!

Photowall Ink texture

Agnes in blue has that light, Scandinavian feel that could work great in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Photowall Agnes Blue

So many fun wallpapers, so few walls. :) :)  More changes to come to our little dining area. Thank you, Photowall, for getting this spot headed in a fun, new direction!

Midcentury Dining Room with Wallpaper