Kid-Friendly Dining Chairs

Last week I wrote about dining chairs with young kids, and I received some great feedback from you guys! I'm thankful for that. That post mostly talked about what to avoid, so I wanted to follow up to let you know some better options!

When I think of what would make for a really practical chair with young kids, I prioritize smooth and hard surfaces that are easy to wipe down, very few nooks and crannies, and something super sturdy. While woven chairs like these are gorgeous, I can just imagine peanut butter and jelly stuck between the fibers. That's the stuff housekeeping nightmares are made of!

So for me, I feel like it really comes down to two options—and they are everywhere! If I had to buy dining chairs today, I would likely purchase either the Tolix type or the Eames type.

Metal Side Chair
Molded Plastic Eames-type Chair

Azzo Shell Side Chair by Wholesale Interiors via Wayfair

Both of these types of chairs are all over the place—you can buy them from many online shops at varying price points. The metal chairs come in lots of colors and some of the styles have more pronounced arms. I've heard these called indestructible more than once—and some can stack! The molded plastic type are easy to wipe down (and apparently, pretty comfortable). I've noticed these chairs seem to get really good reviews from customers and are generally well-spoken of on blogs, etc.  The scooped seat might not be suitable for using a booster seat, though, so that's something to consider.

So that's where I stand! If anyone has a set of these types of chairs and wants to issue a trade, get in touch with me. I kid. Except I'm not kidding at all. For real. :)

But I won't leave you with just those two options. Of course I enjoyed hunting through the interwebs to find some chairs that fit those kid-friendly criteria: smooth surfaces, few places for food to hide, and very sturdy. Some of these come in sets of two, some have different color options, and some of the IKEA ones have interchangeable seats and legs. (Side note: we used #6 in a friend's house with this mid-century dining table from West Elm in walnut and they look real good together.) Enjoy!

Kid-Friendly Dining Chairs