Easy Table Lamp Makeover with Spray Paint (and Ribbon)

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm sure you all know that paint is a super easy way to really transform your home. I've seen the effects of a new paint color on the walls. But spray paint is a whole new world for me. So many things are spray-paint-able, and the possibilities are pretty much endless! But let's start with a pair of lamps. A pair of hand-me-down lamps, to be exact.

Easy Table Lamp Makeover with Spray Paint and Ribbon

A while ago, my parents had a big garage sale and were getting rid of these bad boys. I took them off their hands thinking I could transform them. Now I know brass is all the rage these days, but these ones were a bit yellowy for my taste and the wood base wasn't my thing either (sorry, Mom). I bought a few cans of red spray paint, taped off the cords and socket parts, gave them a quick once-over with sandpaper, and sprayed away. (Also, remember how there was a name written in pen on the nursery ceiling? Well there is another name written in paint on the garage wall. Guess the former residents liked to make their mark.)

Lamp Makeover Before

So the spray paint transformed the bases, but I needed new shades and I wanted to dress them up a bit, too. I found two simple, white drum shades at HomeGoods (say yes to HomeGoods). Inspired by these Ribbon Trim Table Shades from Pottery Barn, I bought a few rolls of black grosgrain ribbon and got to work with my hot glue gun. The Pottery Barn shades place the ribbon right at the top and bottom of the shade, but I glued mine on about 5/8" from the top and bottom because to my eye, that just looked right. I kept a tape measure at the ready and just kept dabbing the glue and pressing the ribbon until I was all the way around, top and bottom. It was super easy.

Once my lamps were dry I set the new shades and called it a day. Voila!

Easy Lamp Makeover

What do you think? For the price of two lampshades, two cans of spray paint, and a few rolls of ribbon I have a fun new set of lamps. And if I get tired of red I can just give them another coat with a new color.

Easy Table Lamp Makeover in Living Room

I've already learned to say yes to HomeGoods and now I'm learning to say yes to spray paint. Have you given spray paint a go? Got a favorite spray paint project under your belt? Please do share in the comments! And have a fantastic weekend!