Make Room for Children's Art

Kids Watercolor Abstract Art

Kids make some amazing art. Seriously! My three year old is really finding her groove with paint and crayons, and I love to watch her practice her craft. I do not have the artistic gifts of drawing or fine art painting, but I love creative endeavors and I want my home to be a place that inspires creativity.

I have lots of memories of doing creative things with my mom when I was young. I want my girls to experience the satisfaction of making something with their hands. And then I want them to see their artwork prominently displayed in our house.

Kids Watercolor Art

Now, little sister still eats crayons, so we're working on that. But big sister really enjoys watercolors and has made some gorgeous paintings. I noticed she likes to fill the whole paper. It's her thing. The MALA watercolor box from IKEA is quite a fantastic set—it comes with two brushes and two little water cups. We also like their art paper. So after one watercolor session, I framed up one of the pieces and hung it in the girls' shared bathroom. Check out that color composition and how she added touches of orange to the varying pinks! I love it so much. Girl has talent.

Kids Watercolor Abstract Art

Displaying her artwork is a meaningful (and inexpensive) way to decorate our home. And this sweet painting is a snapshot of this moment of our lives just as much as a framed photograph would be. So bust out the paint brushes, finger paints, or markers and let your littles create something for your walls. Or, commission an art piece from a relative or a friend's kids. :) The blue painting above the pink one was done by one of my nieces! Like I said: kids make some amazing art. Let's make room for it.

Kids Abstract Watercolor Art