Decorating for Christmas with Bright Colors

It started with a bright print from Summer Harms's shop.

All Is Calm Print

And then there's this whole situation happening at Target right now. My friend Beth tipped me off via Instagram so I was excited for a Target run! The bright pom-pom garland came home with us. I'm eyeing the pink bottle brush trees but I think I'll wait for the after-Christmas sales.

All this to say: Our holiday mantel this year is a bright bonanza.

Christmas Mantel Decorated with Bright Colors

A few years ago, Ben surprised me with stockings for me and him (the red and white ones on the ends). The fact that he chose them and started the tradition is special to me.

I added to the collection as the girls were born, and the stockings are a bit unconventional. We've got red and green to be sure, but we also have teal and big sequins. The new print and pom-pom garland are happy to be in the mix, and I used them to create a fun, cheerful Christmas mantel. The rest of the room is very colorful so it is a good fit! (Check out this fireplace filler idea!)

Christmas Mantel with Bright Colors
Christmas Bright Colors, Bright Art Print

I fiddled with the mantel for a few weeks until I landed on this setup. I mixed in color and texture with the trees—we have feathers, tiny sparkles, and mirrored surfaces. I placed a tiny tree inside my grandma's blue mason jar and sprinkled fake snow around it.

Christmas Decorating with Bright Colors

Christmas is a season of special joy as we celebrate Jesus's first advent. These bright colors reflect that joy and sense of celebration!

Christmas Decorating with Bright Colors, Christmas Mantel
Christmas Mantel with Bright Colors

I love to see all the different styles of Christmas decorations. Rustic, glamorous, traditional red and green—how wonderful!

So what is your Christmas style? Do you like bright colors or more muted, natural tones? Do you like rustic or lots of shimmer and shine? Do you change it up each Christmas or keep these same style from year to year?

One last thing: I wanted to share what the whole room looked like behind the camera. The girls were playing a little too quietly while I was making lunch—it ended up being a game of 52-card pickup and I was the loser. So this is real life, guys! Photo cropping and zoom lenses are a wonderful thing. :)

Real Life

Have a fantastic weekend!