A Fun Christmas Corner

When you decorate for Christmas, do you put holiday decor in every room? I used to keep the Christmas decorations mostly in the living room, but since we've had the girls, I started bringing little Christmas touches into their bedrooms—and ours!

In our bedroom, I had such a blast styling up our dresser to show you the free Christmas art prints I made for you to download. The colors in the Luke 2 art print match what we already have in the room: red and aqua.

Master Bedroom with Red Headboard and Pale Blue Walls (Healing Aloe)

I reworked the dresser corner of the room to highlight the Luke 2 art print and it came together with a sort of campy, outdoorsy vibe. It is a bit of a departure from my usual style, but still me, I think! Maybe a bit on the rustic side, but with a modern twist? I really like it.

Modern Rustic Campy Christmas Decor

Here are the details—this little corner is full of DIY/free/inexpensive ideas!

The lamp and books on the left are always on this dresser. I was shopping the Target clearance endcaps and found the fun plaid banner for $2. It was a very inexpensive way to jump on the plaid bandwagon! That banner kind of set the tone for the whole campy vignette and tied in with the red from the art. I already had the white lantern (IKEA) and the red candle.

Campy Christmas Decor with Free Christmas Art Printable

The little silver glitter tree was from one of those huge garage sales in an ice arena (the tag is still on—fifty cents). The red tree was a fun DIY. My sweet mother-in-law had some Christmas decor she was wanting to get rid of and she passed along the tree to me.

Christmas Tree Before

Isn't it such an interesting shape? I don't have a lot of dark green in my home, though, so a couple quick coats of red spray paint (left over from my lamp makeover) brought it right into my color scheme. (Note: I always spray too close and end up with drips! So word to the wise—follow those instructions and keep your distance when spraying.)

Birch Branch with Christmas Ornaments

Oh, this birch branch. Guys, our birch tree is like The Giving Tree. It gives me logs for our fireplace and branches to decorate with. It's so great. This big branch fell down in a storm and I hoarded it, knowing that it would look awesome somewhere in our home. It is white, after all! And totally free! So it made it into the room for Christmas. The mushroom ornaments (Mario, anyone?) are from IKEA. Finally, I hung an extra stocking on the drawer front and this corner was done!

Modern Rustic Christmas Decor with Free Christmas Art Print

What do you think? This was such a low-cost way to bring some Christmas into our bedroom. We've got mixed textures (knit stocking, rough bark, sleek mirror, bristly silver tree), a general theme of outdoors (mushrooms, lantern, trees, branch, plaid), and a pretty basic color scheme (red, white, and aqua with wood and glass). Oh, what fun!

And don't forget that you guys can grab this free art print to download! Enjoy!

Free Christmas Art Print—Luke 2