White Paint Colors

Hey, all! We're talking paint colors over here. I was happy to share my two favorites last week (literally, I love those colors so much and I hope you use them and love them, too). Today we're tackling the subject of white walls.

You'd think white would be easy, right? But for those of you who have painted anything white, you know that there are no less than four million white colors available. What looks like a simple white can carry undertones of blue, yellow, green, lavender. From a little googling, I can see that when it comes to finding white paint, the struggle is real. Wink.

I'm sharing my experiences with two different whites (and one more bonus white at the end) in case you are thinking about white paint and love to do your research. When I research a paint color, I often google the name to see if I can see the color used in someone's real-life home (not just the paint brand's photo). And of course, there are so many factors and the same color can look different in each space but hey! You have to start somewhere.

So, here are my thoughts on the whites in our home!


Benjamin Moore Moonlight White Nursery

When researching white paint for the nursery, I stumbled across this room from The Lettered Cottage, where Layla used Moonlight White. I thought it looked good so I went for it.

Benjamin Moore Moonlight White Nursery

Honestly, I like this white a lot, but I don't love it. I was nervous about the room feeling too cold with a bluish white so I went for something a bit warmer than I would usually pick. This white does have a touch of warmth to it. In the pictures above, compare the walls with the trim or the ceiling, which are straight-from-the-can untinted whites. Can you see it? Overall, I'd say I'm about 85% happy with this color in this room.

So, if you do want a white that is a touch on the warm side, this might be a good option for you!


Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake Living Room

Our living room used to be Sherwin Williams Mega Greige. I wanted to lighten up the walls, but again, I didn't love Moonlight White so I tried another one, this time Vanilla Milkshake, also from Benjamin Moore.

Honestly, I have a really hard time judging the trueness of the white in this room. With west-facing windows, the late afternoon sun blazes and I know that influences the wall color toward the warm side. Also, I picked a carpet that has more yellow/brown in it than I wish I had. Live and learn! So I have the same thoughts about this color as Moonlight White—just a touch too warm for this particular space. Again, not a total miss, and if you like a warmer white, this is a solid option!

All of this leads me to a resource for you. If you are on the hunt for the right white for your home, check out this article from A Beautiful Mess. The writer reminds us which factors to consider when choosing that white. It really isn't as simple as it might seem. Not to discourage you or anything! :

And finally, I did want to share one bonus white in our home that I love—it's just not on our walls. When we renovated our kitchen, I knew 100% that I wanted white cabinets—true, true white cabinets. No creamy white, just white. I was so nervous that I'd pick the wrong color! But the Sherwin Williams employee helped me pick one and the name was very reassuring: Sherwin Williams Extra White. And you know what? It really is extra white! Crisp, clean, true white! I love the color of those cabinets, so maybe I'll consider that color the next time I paint a room white!

Sherwin Williams Extra White Kitchen Cabinets

How about you all? Do you have a favorite white? What factors have you considered when you choose a white for your home?