Bins and Baskets around the House

Hi all! This was a really exciting week for me. On Tuesday, Gabrielle at Design Mom posted an interview and tour of our home as part of her Living With Kids series. I'm guessing that some of you are here because of that post. Welcome to you!

That interview was so. much. fun. She asked some really thought-provoking questions. The interview gave me a chance to reflect on what God has done in my heart in the area of contentment, remember the story of how He provided our home, and even dream about what this blog might become!

Girls Room with Jenny Lind Bed

But there was another unexpected blessing that came from that interview. I photographed our home over the course of one busy week, and the girls are in a lot of the photos. What I ended up with was a true story of one week in the life of our house. I fell in love with our house all over again as I saw my girls playing in it, laughing in it, growing in it. I thank God for this home. It belongs to Him.

Kids Art

In that interview, I wrote about how I have a bin or basket of toys in pretty much every room. A new reader (Hi, Paula!) wrote to me and asked where to find some fun bins/baskets/totes that can house toys but can also be integrated into the rest of the home's decor (not just the playroom). So I rounded up some for everyone!

This roundup includes storage that is fun, playful, and bright, but not necessarily childish. Know what I mean? While these bins and baskets might be for storing toys, I think most of them would also fit well into grown-up spaces and could be used when the toys are long outgrown! So that's one way to stretch our budgets and use things for the long haul. Personally, I am ok with using bins that don't have lids because then the toys are easily seen and accessible to our girls and to guests. But I did include one lidded option in case you really want the toys out of sight. Enjoy!

Favorite Bins and Baskets for Toys or Storage

1 // Triangle Bin 2 // Color Pop Cube Bin 3 // Rugby Stripe Bin 4 // Rectangular Crunch Can 5 // Round Wire Basket with Liner 6 // Herringbone Hamper 7 // Quartz Cube Bin 8 // Confetti Hamper 9 // Polka-Dot Bin

Note: Make sure to check the dimensions/sizes on these—they really vary!

This was so much fun. I might have to do a round two at some point because there are so many fun options out there. So who else has a question? Don't be shy. I want this blog to be a place of help so if there's something you'd like to see, don't hesitate to ask. You can email me or comment here! I'm excited to hear from you.