Inspiring Homes: Beth's Cozy, Colorful House

Oh man do I ever have a treat for you today!

I've been thinking about how to make this blog as helpful to you as possible. I've shared with you my home and ideas I've implemented in my house, but I certainly don't want this to be the Amy show. I also realize that many of you might lean toward styles very different from mine!

So every once in a while, I plan to share the homes of others. My hope is that you will be inspired and see new ideas for you to incorporate into your home. Plus, isn't it just plain fun to get a peek into someone's house?

Today I'm showing you my friend Beth's house. My husband has known Beth longer than I have, but I'm thrilled that I get to call Beth a dear, longtime friend. Beth is as loyal as they come. She teaches kindergarten and is absolutely crazy about her niece and nephew. Beth loves music and art and has a creativity that runs deep within her. You'll see that for sure in this home tour!

Also, Beth deserves a special prize because I asked if I could photograph her house for my blog while I was walking up her front steps with my camera in hand. She had absolutely no time to prepare. I'm so thankful she said yes, because I know you will be inspired today. (I had my girls with me, so they make some appearances.) Grab a beverage and come enjoy Beth's house!

Cozy Living Room with Brown Couch
Star Light in Cozy Corner
Living Room with Wall-Mounted TV
Cozy Reading Corner

Beth's house makes me want to throw myself down on the couch and cozy up for a good conversation (and sometimes, I do!). Isn't this place inviting?

Child's Chair in Corner
Banquette Seating, a Built-In Dining Area in Kitchen

This house has three living spaces—a super bright and comfortable family/TV room that is open to the kitchen, a living room, and a ridiculously awesome basement with a huge couch, fireplace, and TV. She also has two dining areas—the built-in banquette in the kitchen (swoon!) and another space around the corner.

Window Hanging on the Wall for a Writing Surface
Dining Area with Built-In Bookshelf
Entryway with Dresser and Mirror
Living Room with Blue Walls, White Curtains, Leather Couch

Something cool about this house is that Beth bought it from her brother-in-law's sister's family (Hi, Jill!) so it has a sense of familiarity and special history about it.

Living Room with Gallery Wall, Mirror, White Couch
Bentwood Chair and Lamp in Corner
Wood Dresser Down the Hallway
Bathroom with Marble Tile, Pedestal Sink
Blue Bedroom with White Curtain, Twinkle Lights, and Hanging Plant
Bathroom with Open Shelves and Large Painting
Bookshelves with Guitar
Filing Cabinets in Corner with Vintage Fan and Thrice Poster
Colorful Straws in Glass Jars
Art Supplies in Jars
Sliding Barn Door to Kitchen
Art Displayed by Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Crock with Untensils

Beth's house is great for hosting friends, and she is so good at practicing hospitality. Beth keeps a stock of s'mores supplies at the ready for impromptu bonfires! And did you notice how her home is so kid friendly? The bench around the kitchen table, the child-size chair in the family room, the step stools in the bathrooms—these little touches go a long way. She also has an accessible drawer full of toys to pull out at a moment's notice. And check out this great idea—she hung a vintage window on the wall and has markers ready to encourage messages and scribbles. What a unique alternative to the chalkboard concept!

Window Hanging on the Wall for a Writing Surface

So what do you think? What was your favorite part of her house? Any takeaway ideas that you'd like to try in your home? Let us know in the comments!