Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, friends! If you are popping over from StyleMutt, please know I am thrilled you came to visit. Cate and Chelsea are so gifted and I'm very thankful they would include me in their Reader Design series. So a special welcome to the newbies! And a special welcome to the regulars, too, because I'm thankful for you all.

Here's my first Five Things Friday post—a collection of all the bits and pieces, so to speak. Some things are home-decor related, and some aren't. Because life is more than decorating, right? :) And this week, I need help from you. See #5!

1. I have been eyeing this pillow from Land of Nod for ages. I need to pull the trigger.

2. Have you discovered Leon Bridges yet? When Ben first played Coming Home" for me, I literally couldn't tell if it was new or old music because it sounds straight out of the 1960s (in the best way possible). On Leon's album Coming Home, I suggest starting with the title track, and then Flowers" and River." One morning this week, the girls and I sat at the kitchen table coloring, snacking, and watching this video. What a voice. What an artist.

Listening to Leon Bridges

3. A few weeks ago, theologian Dr. Bruce Ware taught at our church on the doctrines of the Trinity. It was such a privilege to hear from him—he gives some of the clearest word pictures to illustrate difficult theological concepts. What a gift he is.

4. It's This Old House season! Curling up with a blanket on a chilly fall evening and watching an episode of This Old House is bliss to me. (I really want to be friends with Tom Silva.) The TOH crew just started on an old Victorian and it will be fun to see the changes. If you want to watch a super interesting project that is a bit outside the box, check out this season where the team took on a new construction timber-frame house with some prefab work. It is utterly fascinating. And that leads me to...

5. What can you recommend for us if we want to watch a TV show or movie that is good and clean? Is that even possible these days? We have Amazon Prime and of course there is Redbox...any suggestions? Spill!

Enjoy that weekend!