we've made it through the week, and my what a cold one it was! when highs are in the negatives i don't want to leave the house. i am grateful for the new down coat i just bought with a fancy faux-fur hood. because as much as i want to be a hermit, life still goes on during a frigid minnesota winter.

jane is sitting up. and eating some rice cereal. tasting rice cereal? i'm not quite sure how much actually gets to her tummy. but we're taking it slowly around here. she's growing well and we are grateful for that.


things are quietly busy. we play. a lot. and go to bsf and small group and church and the grocery store. oh! and i have a freelance writing project to keep me busy. ben's business is steadily growing (did i tell you he started a business?) and we have much to thank God for.



since it might hit twenty degrees tomorrow (hip hip hoorah!) we are planning to head to the zoo. do you have big plans for the weekend? stay warm and bundled, my friends! unless you happen to be on sanibel island like my parents-in-law. in that case, wiggle your toes in the sand for me!