handmade holiday: dolls for the girls!

along with the hot cocoa jars, i made some other gifts this Christmas. the project started back in september with an impromptu trip to the fabric store. after spotting a few great fabric combinations, i decided to sew dolls for jane and her girl cousins as Christmas gifts.


i used the black apple doll instructions via martha stewart crafts that i had saved a long time ago in evernote (another plug for evernote! i find i use it much more than pinterest). the pattern was pretty easy to follow, but the thin doll limbs were a little tricky to turn inside out and stuff.

i squeezed in a little work during naps and such.

2012-12-05 14.54.00-1

and the dolls were finished in time for Christmas! i made a fourth but gave it away to one of my nieces before i got a chance to photograph all the dolls together. jane's is the one on the right. my dad says jane has a "mona lisa smile," so her dolly does, too.


woohoo for sewing projects!