from chaos to order . . . slowly.

now that we are finished with renovations, i have my share of "get organized" goals. this Christmas season made me painfully aware that my gift wrap supply situation was in dire need of an intervention. i've kept ribbons and bags and tissue paper from holidays and birthdays and baby showers hoping that i could use them again. and while that's not all bad, i wasn't being smart about it. i kept buying more because i wasn't sure what i had on hand.

getting it all whipped into shape was relatively painless. my first inclination when i have an organizing project is to run to the container store or target to get bins and labels and such. but one of my goals is to be more resourceful, and ben reminded me that we literally have a room full of cardboard boxes in the basement. so i grabbed two, cut off the top flaps, and got to work.

i got rid of a lot of bags, boxes, and tissue paper that were not in a reusable state. then i categorized into Christmas and non-Christmas and put the bags in order of size. i put "like with like" and it all fit together nicely. now when i need to wrap a present i can run to the basement, grab the appropriate box, and bring all i need upstairs in one fell swoop. oh, and wrapping paper rolls are in a tall rubbermaid container. now hopefully i won't be spending money to buy more tissue paper or bags when i already have plenty on hand.

to order 2

to order 1

on the subject of order: in bsf this year we are studying Genesis, and it is so clear from the first chapter that God is a God of order. he made order from chaos! and we are made in His image, so no wonder it feels so good to bring order to our lives. when the study guide asked me where i could ask for God's help to incorporate order in my life, it was pretty clear: our home! so that is one area i'm focusing on this year.