in the kitchen: baked oatmeal

i looooove breakfast food. my husband knows that if he wants to make me swoon he just has to take me out for a breakfast date on a saturday morning. bacon, eggs, sausage, waffles, pancakes . . . i don't discriminate. with a cup of steaming coffee and a good portion of cream i am a happy camper.

i am currently into baked oatmeal, which was introduced to me by my friend lorna beth. hers had chunks of apple in it and it was tasty tasty. i'm a huge fan of cinnamon and brown sugar, so i hunted and found a recipe from taste of home (here it is). i served it when we had some friends over for breakfast and i loved it——it is fantastic with milk poured over it, which i forgot to do when they were over (sorry, bert and beki, i know it was a touch dry). as an added bonus, it smells so delicious baking it makes my mouth water!


i fiddled with the recipe a bit by substituting applesauce for half the butter and lowering the amount of brown sugar (i've made it both ways, and i won't lie——it is definitely better with more butter and sugar, but isn't everything? :) some of us still have some baby weight to lose!). i bake up a batch of this and can heat up portions for a hot breakfast each morning. it sticks with me until lunchtime and it is so much better than packets. i have a batch in the oven now and i can't wait to dive in.

give it a try! it is delish!