grumbles vs. gratitude

a lot can happen in four months. babies grow from seven pounders to thirteen pounders (at least ours did). they sprout a little more hair, yet sport a nice bald spot in the back where it rubs off in the crib. they learn they can do more with their voices than just cry. and parents endure their child's first illness, which is probably harder on the mommies and daddies than the bambini. in our house, we have a few ailments under our belts, including pink eye. poor girl.

at four months,jane actually likes being on her tummy, grabs anything within an arm's reach (and pulls it into her mouth), and wears baby jeans like the best of 'em! the last one definitely takes the most effort. definitely.

sleep has been a tricky thing with jane. naps are short and nighttime sleep has gone backward, but these tired days keep me relying on the strength that only comes from God. as a woman in my bsf group said, "it's hard to grumble when you are grateful!"

in other news, ben kindly let me know that the nickname i have been calling jane——which i thought was a nonsense word——is actually a bad word. oh my, amy. glad i hadn't been using it in public!