a short letter to my daughter

sometimes when i change you in the middle of the night, you look up at me with this sly grin that seems to say, "hey mom! isn't it wonderful that we get to hang out at 4am?"

yes, jane, it is wonderful. it really is. because i know it is just a matter of time before you won't need me in the middle of the night. and in the morning, i'll hurry to your crib to see your smiling face because i'll miss that special time together just you and me and a quiet, dark world outside our window.

these overnight moments are the perfect time to pray over you. your daddy and i pray that as you grow, Christ would draw you to Himself and that your heart would be soft to treasure Him. we pray you will marry a man who treasures Christ, too. and that you stay pure for each other and devoted to your Creator until you meet Him face to face.

within your tiny, wiggly body exists a soul that was known perfectly before the foundation of the earth. we pray that your soul would be completely satisfied in God, who knit you together and whose Word is a lamp unto your feet. He is worthy of your affections and worship, jane——and He is the only One who is.

before long, you'll grow too big for that spot in my arms that you fit into perfectly now. your crib won't seem so vast as i carefully put you down to sleep. and i won't see your beautiful dark eyes peeking over your daddy's shoulders as he soothes you during your evening fussies.

whether fussy or still, sweet jane, i hope you know that it is a delight to spend time with you——no matter what time of day or night.