the witching hour and sleeping through the night

she's done it: seven weeks old and jane slept through the night.*

*no, i do not assume this is a new habit. but it happened and i am thrilled about it!

jane is generally a happy baby. we get lots of coos and smiles from her and every day she becomes more interactive. but most evenings when ben gets home from work, she gets a real fussing spell that lasts until 7 or later. i've heard this called "the witching hour" and it seems a common thing among little ones who are overtired at the end of the day.

ben is so great about taking her when he gets home so i can get dinner ready. he usually puts on music (oldies or current pop music that makes me roll my eyes and laugh) and dances with her.

jane hasn't been taking long naps during the day and she had just snoozed a few times yesterday. i knew she was overtired and we put our cranky baby down before 9. she fussed a bit and finally fell asleep around 9:30. well would you believe she slept for more than 8 hours last night? she did.

but just because she slept through the night doesn't mean i did. i woke up a few times thinking, "wow, she made it this long!" and then finally around 4am i woke up scared instead of amazed and ran to her bassinet to make sure she was breathing. she was.

strangely enough, i missed seeing her last night. i'm excited for this new day and grateful for the sleep i got. thank you, Lord, for each day with our little girl. what a gift she is.