well, where have you been?

hello internet friends!

the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of trips to the cabin, baby showers (not just for our little one!), and working to finish our upstairs renovation. strap in and prepare for a lot of pictures!

we'll start with the cabin. we went up memorial day weekend and this past weekend, which will be my last until baby comes. 

time with nieces and nephews!

some sillier than others. ;)

 what a smile.

and what a pose.

 speaking of poses...

most of our small group was able to make it up this past weekend. john and cindy (who are also expecting——more on that in a second!) are from florida and we were happy to introduce them to minnesota cabin culture!

 ben even tried a few tricks on the wakesurf.

now on to baby showers. my sister kristen and s-i-l lauren hosted a beautiful shower at my parents' house. i had such a blast! here's the dessert table.

i held out on telling kristen our baby's first initial, so she used all sorts of initials to decorate the delicious cheesecake bars. there were also coconut cupcakes, chocolate-covered pretzels, and banana puddin'. kristen married a southerner and she says you have to say it "puddin'" without the "g." otherwise it won't taste as good. just kidding.

 here we are! the hanson women. well, most of us.

here's the invite, and they sent us all home with these cutie favors. so special.

three of the five ladies in our small group are pregnant. we are all due within five weeks of each other, and one is expecting twins! yippee! our small group planned a couples shower for john and cindy. they are expecting a little boy so we gave the shower a sports theme!

 i got crafty to make the football-field tablecloth. super easy.

 abbie and lorna beth decorated the cupcakes. aren't they awesome?

 the table.

 marco and abbie (pregnant with twins!) gave some words of wisdom to the expecting couple and prayed over their little one.

the couple of honor opened all sorts of goodies!

it was a blast. i loved doing it. on the way home i thanked God for the sweet fellowship and that abbie and i were able to be active and on our feet with our due dates coming so soon. (although both of us were waddling by the end of the night!)

and finally, house updates.

 vinyl flooring was installed in the bathroom. it's hard to get excited about vinyl flooring, but it is durable and practical for a kids' bathroom. this picture is actually a few weeks old——we are thankfully a lot further along than this. trim is in, puttied, and touched up. vanity and top are installed. final electrical was yesterday, and carpet is coming in just a few hours! i might actually miss playing general contractor. i rather like it.

and our crib was delivered! it was supposedly backordered until mid-june, but it came at the end of last month. it has been sitting in our living room for a while now...can't wait to put it up!

and finally, and out of left field, abbie taught me to make this scrumptious caprese salad. i've been eating this like there's no tomorrow. tomatoes, mozzarella, spinach, basil (from a jar, but of course you could do fresh), pasta, olive oil, balsamic, and salt and pepper. i just can't get enough.

that's it! we'll talk soon, okay? ;) ;)