false alarm!

i haven't shared a lot of the nitty gritty details of my pregnancy on this blog. i have been super blessed to have had such a wonderful pregnancy. on the whole, i have felt great and been able to keep pretty active with house renovations, walking, and other activities. there have been a few tough things, like a cyst on the umbilical cord and a low-lying placenta, but by God's grace these are no longer issues and i am learning the power of prayer and to trust Him in new ways!

i'm a bit embarrassed to write this, but i did want to briefly share the events of last night. something happened yesterday that made me call my clinic's after-hours line, and the doctor suggested that i go in to maternal assessment to get checked out. so we did.

after an hour or so with belts strapped across my tummy and a negative test result, we were sent home with the news that baby and i are both fine, but i wasn't going to be admitted. on the way home, we stopped at mac and don's supper club for some fries and a shake and discussed what a blessing it was that this happened. it was the jolt we (i?) needed to help re-prioritize. i need to get the car seat out of its box and installed. i need to decide on a pediatrician. and i didn't even have a bag packed for the hospital! (yes, i am 37.5 weeks along.) although it is fun to work on the house and decorating the nursery, it is not my highest priority, even though i want to keep working on it. and i will. but after i take care of these bigger things (which i got up at 5:00 a.m. today to start tackling!).

also, i learned that i have been having contractions. i feel like such a dunce, because i didn't really notice a big change physically, but there they were on the monitor. hello, amy!

God is good. ben is patient. i am blessed. and Lord willing, baby girl is coming soon. thanks for reading!