photo dump

quiet on the blog front does not mean quiet on the home front. people have asked if we think we will finish our upstairs reno before baby comes, and i think we will! we've had a small army of painting helpers this week, which is very encouraging. in pictures, here's life lately!

ben bought me a new lens as a birthday/mother's day gift. it's this one with the fabulously wide 1.4 f-stop. he made it a point to go together to national camera and try it out so we could use it the next day at a family gathering. he is very sweet to me.

he also gave me a card from our unborn baby girl for mother's day and my birthday. i wept. again, such sweetness.

i really like him a lot. :)

that family gathering was awesome. my niece hannah is such a fun, curious girl who is always on the go. apparently she doesn't like to have her diaper changed because it means she has to stop for a few minutes. if you declare that someone has a stinky diaper, she might blame it on her little sister ("baby") or maybe even grandpa ("gumpa").

and baby grace is growing into such a sweet little lady. she is a very peaceful and happy baby. our little girl is blessed with wonderful cousins on both sides.

although grace is super low-drama, she does strike a "woe is me" pose when eating. :)

speaking of eating, i got my inner foodie on to make bbq chicken pizzas with quinoa crusts. as much as i want to be on the quinoa bandwagon, i am just not impressed with it. the pizza crusts were a good way to use up what i have left, but i don't think i'll buy another bag.

here's a "before." this estate-sale stool is currently halfway through its makeover with the nursery as its final destination. stay tuned.

speaking of the nursery, i wish i could say i was going to miss that lavender, but that would be a lie. very thankful to my parents for their help applying two coats of primer to get it covered for the white paint i picked out!

we're up to the cabin this weekend—i hope yours is restful and fun!